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Welcome to the TreeChecker wiki

TreeChecker is an open source web application (GNU General Public License) [1], which aims to assist those working with genealogical data to test for errors in their files, bring their files up to recognised standards and to export their work to new formats. It is a technical and scientific application, which exists to raise the standard of genealogical data by facilitating error checking and standardisation.

Typically, genealogical data will be uploaded as a GEDCOM file, then information about potential errors and issues in the file will be displayed and tools provided to assist with standardisation of geographical information, sources, notes, etc. Once error checking and standardisation of the information has been carried out, the data may be exported back to GEDCOM or another format such as HTML, XML or RDF to facilitate publication on the web.

The project is inspired by the need for high quality genealogical data in historical and scientific research, and aims to raise the standard of genealogical data worldwide.

The Institutions for Collective Action research group [2] and Digital Humanities Lab [3] at Utrecht University [4] are coordinating the project.